• Prosxima, [praxi] 21 – mneme (2013)
    Photograph: Yousef Tafer
    Spring 2014

    Third issue

    The third issue of Choros International Dance Journal is now available online. Both the entire issue and individual articles are offered as FREE downloads.

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  • Prosxima, [praxi] 8 – Singularity (2010)
    Photograph: Elpida Tembou
    Spring 2013

    Second issue

    The second issue of Choros International Dance Journal is now available online, including a free download of the article “Lessons from Aristotle” by Maxine Sheets-Johnstone.
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  • Spring 2012

    First issue

    The first issue of Choros International Dance Journal, a scholarly e-journal for dance as an art form, is now available online.
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Choros International Dance Journal publishes original scholarly articles in English and/or Modern Greek, focusing on contemporary trends in dance as an art form, from praxis to theory.
This includes choreography, performance and reception, education and theory, in all facets of dance.

A. Scholarly articles
B. Book reviews
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The third issue of Choros International Dance Journal is now available online. Download FOR FREE the entire issue or individual articles!


The journal is published online once a year with the support of the Alexander S. Onassis Public Benefit Foundation and the Onassis Cultural Centre Athens. Its readership includes choreographers, dancers, critics, teachers, academics and researchers, as well as state and private universities, colleges, professional dance schools, and people with a special interest in dance.

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